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Coaching & Healing

Adriane von Carlowitz



Life is all about change. Change is challenging and can lead to stress or anxiety. Our hopes are not always fulfilled. We’re drained of energy and life feels like a burden. In my work, I help you to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down, so that you can step back out into the world a happier person with a spring in your step.

My method involves clearing energy blockages that are sapping your energy and strength, and that are making it harder for you to deal with the events in your life objectively and with an open mind.

This method is an effective tool for coaching and healing processes


"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." (John Lennon)

We like to feel we have things under control. We like to make plans and have clear ideas of how we want to be or absolutely don’t want to be. If we succeed, we feel good, ready for action, omnipotent. But in fact, life always involves change. Sometimes it is a small change, sometimes a creeping one, and sometimes big and sudden. Reacting to an unexpected turn of events causes stress and anxiety and saps us of our energy. As a result we often feel powerless and angry.

Fixed ideas, beliefs, fears and social norms manifest themselves in our energy field as blockages. The more inner blockages we have built up or inherited, the more we suffer as a result of change and unplanned, unexpected circumstances.

Dissolving these blockages frees us and gives us the power to act. We can deal with new stages of life or challenges flexibly and openly and with greater understanding. At the same time, we can restore our inner compass and gain more clarity about how to live our lives according to our true nature.

Why Energy Healing?

"What would you be without your cracks? Repair them with gold!”

There is a wonderful tradition in Japan: if a piece of pottery breaks, the cracks are filled with gold to join the pieces together again. This creates breathtaking works of art. You can see that the piece of pottery was once broken, but as a result of the cracks filled with gold it acquires a completely new and unique beauty.

This is based on an ideal of beauty which in Japan is called wabi-sabi: only something that shows visible signs of its history is truly beautiful.

In our culture, cracks and crises are often regarded as problems. But in fact a crisis (Ancient Greek: krísis) describes a problematic situation that is linked to a turning point. In the great spiritual traditions, crises are seen as awakenings.

In this way, I regard a crisis as a culmination and a turning point, which enables you, from that point on, to shape your life so that it is no longer painful but provides joy. This perspective also enables you to appreciate the afflicted wounds and cracks and to fill them with gold.

A fracture, a crisis, becomes an opportunity. This also applies to the following issues.

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