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Energy Levels

We shape our lives, and our lives are shaped, based on how much energy is available to us. Our energy levels inevitably directly affect our mental balance, and thereby directly influence what and how much we invite into our lives.

An “energy account” – like any account – has a fairly simple logic:

  • If our energy level drops below 50% of the personal energy available, we fall into a negative state: we feel under attack or experience emotions such as doubt, anger, blame, hostility, disappointment or sadness.

  • At a level of 50% + we are able to take care of our own needs and provide well for ourselves. Our expectations of others drop and we begin to think again about what we can achieve.

  • From 100%, we are able – without any loss to ourselves – to look after others, to be generous, to give.


Everyone knows these energy-related states in children. When a child cries or whines, our immediate reflex is to provide it with the #1 sources of energy: food or sleep.


Exactly the same applies to adults. Only that they are usually no longer aware of it and try to deceive themselves through discipline and all kinds of tricks. Ultimately, though, they are kidding themselves. If you don’t pay attention to your energy levels, you will harm yourself and/or others.


In the course of energy coaching, we find out which internal blockages are trapping your energy and which blockages cause you to create external circumstances that cost you energy. Building on this, we can specifically find out which external circumstances you should focus on in order to maintain healthy energy levels over the long term.

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