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There are many words that are used to describe this condition. They reflect the experiences, the consequences of this condition and give a clear warning:

  • Exhaustion means: the cup is empty, there isn’t a drop left, there’s nothing left to get from the source.

  • Burnout makes it even clearer: everyone knows you can’t let a fire go out if you want to rekindle it.

  • Overload: for every lorry driver there are strict load limits, which are stringently controlled. Exceeding the limit can break the vehicle’s axes and lead to an accident for the driver and others.


But often we think we stand above these experiences – through a mixture of overestimating ourselves and glorifying our abilities (I can do it all!) and adhering to the belief ingrained in our Western culture that “achievement” is an ideal we need to strive towards.

Our over-confidence is also the source of our power to overcome and break down barriers. Crossing boundaries can be extremely fruitful and inspiring. But not all the time, and not without taking into account our energy reserves.

If we don’t pay attention to these rules, the state of constant overexertion will inevitably lead to collapse – if not in ourselves, then in our immediate environment. Every human being is part of one or more systems, which he or she directly influences.

In the context of energy-focused  personality coaching we can find out how to you can perform to your best abilities while not falling into a state of exhaustion.

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