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Children & Adolescents

Many of the blockages that affect our lives and behaviour are rooted in (often small) childhood events and observations – frequently the result of misunderstandings or impulsive connections made in a child’s brain. That’s why it is worthwhile dissolving these blockages even in children and adolescents, so that they can live their lives freely and unencumbered.

Children often suffer from vague, irrational fears. Or they have very specific fears of e.g. animals, doctors or certain situations. Often they feel – erroneously – responsible for the sadness or anxiety of the adults around them or inherit and internalise their parents’ fears and blockages. Not infrequently they develop behavioural problems.

Dissolving a child’s blockages can set free remarkable powers, and relieve both the child and their family. But it is important that children subsequently experience themselves in a new light so that follow-up blockages can be avoided from the outset.



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