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Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. There is hardly another word in any language that radiates as much beauty as the name of this wonderful creature: Schmetterling, papillon, farfalle, kipepeo, liblikas … all of these names emanate the wonder and joy which these masters of metamorphosis spark in us.

They stand for grace, beauty, lightness, freedom … and for the POWER OF TRANSFORMATION.

We humans are also masters of metamorphosis. We can change ourselves, transform. In each of us there is a butterfly just waiting to unfurl.

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.


Schmetterling (German),

Papillon (French),

Mariposa (Spanish),

Kelebek (Turkish.)

Borboleta (Portuguese.)
Faraasch (Arabic)

Farfalla (Italian)

Motyl (Polish)

Järil (Swedish)

Liblikas (Estonian)

Chou or Batafurai (Japanese.)

Lolo (Madagascan)
Päiperlek (Luxembourgish)
Pulelehua (Hawaiian)
Kipepeo (Kiswahili)

Babele, Flaterl (Jiddish)



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