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 what is it all about?

 The Method

Over the course of our lives we build up a number of inner “blockades” that influence the way we think, feel and act. These range from thought constructs to convictions, beliefs, fears, emotional-reaction patterns, through to social inhibitions. These blockades manifest themselves in our energy field and sap our strength.

Using the method for clearing energy blockages developed by Anja Blümle, inner blockades – and the underlying problems causing them – can be identified and, if desired, dissolved.

 the Blockages

thought constructions

Energy is lost in daydreams or inner discussions

Harmful connections

Harmful connections in relationships, expectations that keep us captive. Energy is tapped from others.

Fear, rejection and attachment

Fear arises from ignorance. Rejection and attachment are the consequences of ignorance. The energy is tied up in wanting or fighting something and is therefore not freely available.


Helplessness makes us unable to act and trapped. We cannot decide, we cannot defend ourselves, we are cut off from our own strength.


Feeling right, feeling sorry for yourself. Winner and defeated. Both carry blockages in the energy field, both lose energy. Power games create evaluations that make life narrow.

Twists, lies

Twists in the energy field cause a twisted perception. Lies and truth blur, the perception is no longer clear.

Envy, begrudging something to someone, jealousy

Deficiency creates a feeling of not getting enough, not having enough. Fear of losing what you think you have. Joy for others is tarnished by one's own lack.

Resignation, repression

In certain areas of our lives we have given up, we don't think it will ever get better. What is not endured is suppressed. The energy stagnates, life becomes difficult.

Habitual patterns, addiction and compulsion

Habits can make yourself dull and sluggish, innovations are difficult to accept and perceive as a burden. Substances, life processes, emotions are addictive or compulsive, bind the energy in senseless actions.

Social blockages

Our environment has an impact on our energy field. Hierarchies, role expectations, feelings of duty and cultural beliefs hold us captive, fear and pressure are generated, advertising manipulated.

... blockages that don't have to stay!

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