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Adriane von Carlowitz managed to solve deep-seated blockages in a sensitive way and through intensive work in just a few sessions with me. As a result, a kind of inner knot burst for me and new energy could flow. Everything  (!) feels a lot lighter since then.


Merle, Frankfort

Adriane and I have been working together on and off for a number of years now. In the beginning it was about general blockages in life and about perceiving and dissolving them. As a result, I have left many old patterns behind me and now live much more consciously. In the meantime, our work has condensed into two dimensions for me, which Adriane masters very powerfully and effectively. 


For one thing, when I am caught up in stress and overwhelm, I know that in some moments she can help me get back in the right direction and focus on the abundance, love, and joy in life. She is an excellent listener and analyst and can bring great relief to everyday life with little effort. Her reconciling attitude helps me to restore mutual respect and peace, especially in my most important relationships. 


On the other hand, there are the sessions in which we (surprisingly for me) get to very deep-seated points and I can finally see age-old fears clearly and overcome them in the long term. She guides me through it very skilfully and gives me the certainty at all times that I can trust her and that I am safe. I am very grateful to her for these moments.

Claudia, Berlin

I can sooo recommend Adriane. Even though we only worked on my main problem (I have a lot of work to do), so much has changed after just one session. Within 24 hours things were going great at work, my child is so open and happy, my relationship has reached another, more positive level, the tone of voice, looks and daily activities have changed. I am calmer, more relaxed and more with myself again. Adriane herself showed a lot of empathy and adjusted to me very well. All of this happened without any time pressure. Highly recommended to anyone who really wants to make a change.

sandra, Kiel

I know Adriane from a professional and personal context for some years now. I’ve always witnessed her sharp and mindful intuition, treasured her heartfelt empathy and advice. Adriane is someone who is able to see beyond what’s in front of you, which is why she is able to heal. I had my first session about three years ago, while I was undergoing a severe break up, which triggered many questions regarding anxiety, fear of rejection, abandonment issues, striving for perfection or the inability to feel authentic and let go of things. At the beginning, I couldn’t quite understand how the energy healing worked but I trusted her to guide me through the process: What I did feel directly afterwards was physical and emotional relief that lingered on and triggered a new feeling of self-awareness within myself, this was something I could grasp and follow. Over the last years I have continuously worked with her and, by now, I can much better understand how and why my blockades work. I sincerely feel this type of therapeutic work has brought me, bit by bit, to a path of lightness and tranquility. Adriane objectively feels you, finds a way through the blockage and effectively offers you clarity and deep healing.

Inês, Köln

Out of curiosity, I did a trial session with Adriane von Carlowitz and I was completely won over both by the approach and by Adriane as a person, so that I now work with her on a regular basis on professional and private issues. I particularly like her very pleasant, positive, clear style and the way she does her work with empathy and understanding. In our conversations, I find her to be extremely focused and adept, and I have already recommended her to many friends and acquaintances. Working with Adriane has given me more clarity and calmness in the issues we have discussed, and the feeling that many things are unblocking. After every session, I experience concrete situations in which I find myself behaving differently, able to influence the process and thereby the result in a positive way.  

Isabel, Düsseldorf

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