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Warum Energiehealing?
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During the coaching, we identify internal and external blockages that prevent us from living our lives with joy and lightness.

The internal blockages provide information about where and why it “hurts”. To start with, the blockages themselves therefore serve as an effective analysis tool. We can then identify the internal and external hurdles that need to be overcome and, if desired, clear them out of the way: first, by dissolving the blockage, and second, by working out which external circumstances we need to adapt to or change in order to release new energy.

Dissolving internal blockages is often the initial spark for seeing things in a new light, for changing patterns of behaviour. It releases the energy that is inside us. Many of us are already very aware of our thinking and behavioural patterns, and would like to act and experience things differently. But we don’t – or only rarely – succeed. However, if we suddenly experience that we can behave differently, it give us courage, a sense of self-worth and confidence!

A selection of coaching topics:

  • Family issues:

  • Couple relationships

  • Parent-child relationships

  • Dealing with roles and role expectations

  • Difficulties adjusting to becoming a parent

  • Worshipping the fact to be a parent

  • Job issues

  • Compatibility of work and family life (for men and women)

  • Female leadership and working styles

  • Self-confidence and authenticity

  • Adapting or reorienting oneself to a change in life circumstances

  • Change management in organisations

  • Change management in organisations

  • Adjustment difficulties of employees

  • Fears, habits, reservations

  • Life stages

  • Stages of life

  • Growing older

  • Death and saying goodbye

  • Searching for meaning

  • Who am I and what do I want?

  • Clarity and self-awareness

  • Energy

  • Exhaustion and overwork

  • Stress prevention

... issues that can give you energy rather than taking it away!

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